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Fall is where we rethinking how we do things in order to open new doors. This can be technical, this can be how we use our body, this can be by challenging ourselves and finding out what happened then. Explore different possibilities and discover what is the best fit for you, challenge yourselves to mastery!

Make sure you check the getting started section first! Fall builds upon the content of Spring and Summer

Week 27: Storing Ropes – Seven different approaches to coiling and storing your ropes
Week 28: More Single Column Ties – Seven different ways to tie a single column tie
Week 29: More Columns – Knots and lashings to tie several columns together
Week 30: More Techniques – Different rope techniques to add to the toolbox
Week 31: More Hitches – Specialty hitches for different purposes
Week 32: More Knots – Interesting knots for cool tricks and spicing things up
Week 33: Fluidity and Control – Challenge yourself to develop fluid movement and increase your control when tying
Week 34: Ambidexterity and Speed – Develop your ability to tie with both hands at the desired speed
Week 35: Sabotage – Add obstacles to force yourself into difficult situations that you can learn from
Week 36: Challenges – Put yourself in challenging situations to find creative solutions
Week 37: Rope Work Out! – Learn from other fields to get into shape and steal their ideas for your rope practice
Week 38: Crafting – Make stuff with rope, create art pieces, express yourself
Week 39: Creative Ties – Continue exploring further to challenge yourself in different ways and make new ties emerge.

Or skip directly to Winter to look at more explorations.

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