Fall is where we look to get a deeper understanding of the technique. So many ways to do the same things. Explore different possibilities and discover what is the best fit for you and challenge yourselves to master them!

Make sure you check the getting started section first! Fall builds upon the content of Spring and Summer

The full content for Fall should progressively come online during 2021


  • Week 27: More Single Column Ties
  • Week 28: More Columns
  • Week 29: More Hitches
  • Week 30: Techniques Variations
  • Week 31: More Techniques
  • Week 32: Storing Rope
  • Week 33: Rope Crafting
  • Week 34: Aesthetics
  • Week 35: Rope Work Out!
  • Week 36: Flow
  • Week 37: Ambidexterity and Speed
  • Week 38: Sabotage
  • Week 39: Challenges

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