Once we are done tying, we need to untangle our ropes and store them for the next time.

Overhand Hank

The overhand hank coiling method is easy, fast and don’t add unnecessary twist and stress on the rope for storage.  

This is one of several methods, we will explore the diversity of coiling techniques in week 27.

Practice Time

Bundle all your ropes and then uncoil them, find the bight, be ready to tie.

Self-evaluation checklist:

  • The knot is pulled and centered so it won’t come undone in transport
  • The bight is easy to distinguish

Exploration ideas:

  • How fast can you coil them?
  • Can you coil in a way that they are all identical?
  • How is the coiling different for shorter ropes?
  • Do you prefer the bight shorter or longer than the rest of the bundle?
  • Does the rope tangle when you uncoil it? How can you prevent this?

Inspirations and Resources

Credit: Pictures M/R: Ebi McKnotty P: AlexK7

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