With just a few techniques, you can create pretty much any tie. The goal of this week is to learn and practice a few core techniques that will allow you to build a variety of patterns and improvise your own creations.


  • Day 1: Single Column Tie – Try the Somerville bowline – Tie a single column tie in three unexpected places

  • Day 2: Frictions – Create a rope skirt designs using different frictions

  • Day 3: Improvisation – aka Ichinawa and Ipponnawa – Try some rope improvisation using only one rope. Tie, untie, tie again, untie, repeat!

  • Day 4: The Lock – Tie the ankles to the waist and lock the rope in place using a clove hitch or two half hitches. This is the crossed legs tie aka  Agura Shibari

  • Day 5: Extending Ropes – Extend your rope using a cow hitch or a square knot. Enjoy some improvising to test the different techniques while tying and untying

  • Day 6: Cinches – Tie a mermaid tie using a double column tie and cinched frictions

  • Day 7: Coiling – Coil your ropes using the overhand hank

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