If a single column tie and frictions are enough to create an infinite number of tie variations, it’s great to have a few more knots in your toolbox to express yourself. Hitches are especially handy; they are a family of knots used to bind a rope to an object or another rope. The goal of this week is to get a deeper understanding of a few hitches, and to use them to explore your creativity. We will look into more hitches and techniques in week 30 and 31.

  • Day 8: Half Hitch – Create a tie inspired by dreamcatchers
  • Day 9: Clove Hitch – Craft a gag and make an aesthetic column tie using a series of clove hitches
  • Day 10: Crossing Hitch – aka Munter hitch – Create a net by making a crossing hitch every time two lines crosses
  • Day 11: Reversed Crossing Hitch – aka reversed Munter hitch – create a symmetric tie that has 50% regular crossing hitches, and 50% reversed crossing hitches
  • Day 12: Inline Cuff – aka Hojo cuff – Create a Mayfly pattern using inline cuffs
  • Day 13: Cow Hitch – aka Lark’s head – Make a crotch rope and a hip harness using cow hitches
  • Day 14: Quick Release – aka Yuki knot – Use the quick release to make an adjustable Shrimp tie aka Ebi Shibari

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