The cow hitch, also known as lark’s head, is a great way to attach the rope perpendicularly with a complete lock. The cow hitch is technically two half hitches (day 8) tied in a symmetric way and the opposite of the clove hitch (day 9) which is two half hitches in the same direction.

Cow Hitch

We used the same knot in day 5 to extend the rope by folding the rope and inserting the new rope in it but it can be tied in the middle of the rope by threading the ends.

Basic Crotch rope

The crotch rope is a grand classic, it is also called Matanawa 股縄 in Japanese. Make sure your partner is comfortable with this tie before proceeding and discuss the amount of pressure they desire. You can put the rope slightly on the sides to avoid pressure directly on the genitals.

Cow Hitch Cuff

You can use a cow hitch to make a locked cuff, slightly more secure than the half hitch inline cuff (day 12). The origin and exit rope cross each other inside the friction, this direction ensure the friction compacts if you are tying at an angle. Pictures shows side B, can you figure out side A?

Note that the cuff is only locked in one direction, if you pull on the origin rope, the cuff may tighten.

Hip harness

Cow hitches are all you need to make a hip harness. Can you figure out this tie? Rope 1 is natural, rope 2 is red, rope 3 is purple.

Practice Time!

Create your own crotch rope/hip harness using cow hitches.

Self evaluation checklist:

  • Rope is compact and tight with no undesired twist
  • Which side of the knot do you prefer to be toward your partner? Is one flatter than the other? Is one prettier than the other?
  • When you don’t exit at 180 degrees, check to see if the direction of the exit rope pulls the knot close or open.
  • Is the tie symmetric?

Exploration ideas:

  • How much pressure do you want to put on the crotch region?
  • How does the sensation change between a single rope between the leg versus having several?
  • Pull the harness in different directions; how does it hold?

Inspirations and Resources

Coming soon!

Credit: Cow Hitch: R/P EbiMcKnotty – Crotch Rope, Cow Hitch Cuff, Hip Harness: M luluXsparkle R/P EbiMcKnotty

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