A single column tie and basic frictions is plenty to work with. Improvising with one rope is often described with the japanese terms: ipponnawa 一本縄 (one rope) or ichinawa 一縄 (best rope). Wrap the body with rope, tie with the flow, untie, tie again, try something new every time. Simple techniques facilitate complete focus on the moment.

Practice Time!

Try some rope improvisation using a single column tie and frictions. One rope improvisations are great to create a feeling of intimacy. Let your creativity guide you! One rope only!

Exploration ideas:

  • Try different starting points: wrist, ankle, waist, etc.
  • Move the body in a different positions, which ones are your favorite?
  • Focus on the untying, how can you make this moment feel like the most important?

Safety tip: Avoid the front of the neck and pulling very tight near joints.

Inspirations and Resources

Credit: Pictures – M: Kale R: Ebi McKnotty

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