Making things more difficult for yourself will force you to tie differently and develop new skills. This can be frustrating or funny, it all depends on your attitude! You can even combine sabotage ideas to make your life even more miserable.

The goal of this week is to challenge ourselves with different obstacles and observe how this changes how we tie.

  • Day 239: Gloves – Get some gloves and try tying with them on. Thin training gloves, huge winter mittens you decide your difficulty level. This is an excellent practice when you prepare for some northern outdoor winter bondage.
  • Day 240: Forbidden Finger – Which finger do you use the most when tying? Take some tape and cover that index so you can no longer use it. Add more forbidden fingers. What happens when you only have a pinky to tie with?
  • Day 241: Tying Tied Up – Can you still tie if your range of movement is retrained? Ties those hands together and see what happens! What when the hands are tied to the body? What happens when fingers are trapped as well?
  • Day 242: Knotted Rope – Add knots to the rope, a few times per meter. Tie with it, and no untying the annoying knots. How does this impact your flow?
  • Day 243: Weight and Bells – What if you had something at the end of your rope that was either heavy or annoying? Attach a weight or a bell at the end of your rope, and try to tie with it.
  • Day 244: Obstacles – Put objects around you, a chair, a fragile vase, something tall like a standing chandelier, any object that your rope tail is likely to get trapped in it. Tie and get your rope management in check so the rope doesn’t get tangled.
  • Day 245: Blindfolded – Do you know a pattern really well? Time to test this out, measure the time it takes tying it normally, take a picture. Now put a blindfold on and measure how much time it takes you without seeing anything, compare with the pictures once finished. Will you go for form or speed?

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