If the box tie generally refers to the horizontal position of the forearms in the back, the same structure can be used with the wrists in different positions in the back. These will affect the tension in the shoulder, the angle of the elbows, the space between the arms and the body, creating a very wide range of feelings and sensations.

Low Hands Position

Keeping the wrists low, toward the butt, will lower the stress on the shoulder, open the angle of the elbow making it a more sustainable and accessible position. The feeling of restrictions can also be increased as these angles allow the arms to pressed closer to the body. The low wrists position brings the elbow in behind the back with an aesthetic that preserves the line of the hips when looking from the front.

High Hands Position

Bringing the hands high is a different challenge, it will put a lot of pressure in the shoulder joint. Because of this, it is not accessible for everyone and will require some training for most. As the wrists are raised, the elbows are brought out, then back in. The wrists makes a cross, the hands become a bow, the feeling of helplessness increase. Both the aesthetic and the sensation will be completely different.

In day 53 we’ll have a deeper look at shoulder mobility and tricks to get a better understand of the anatomy of this position.

Practice Time!

Explore and find out which arm positions are your favorite. One arm at the time, slowly roll the shoulder and elbow joints in different directions to find which feel natural and which don’t.

  • Pick a position you both like and use a rope to keep it in place.
  • Take a step back and observe.
  • Repeat with different positions.

Self-evaluation checklist

  • The tie doesn’t press on the hands nor on the wrist joints
  • Cinches (if any) do not press into the armpit or inside of the arms

Exploration ideas

  • Try different height of wrists
  • Try different box tie design, how do they impact the sustainability of the position?
  • Is one arm more flexible than the other?
  • Which arm feel better on top of the other?
  • Is the arm more flexible with the shoulder rolled to the front or rolled in the back?
  • How does a warm up and light stretching impact the movement of the shoulder?

Solo tip

  • How can you use rope to challenge the flexibility of your shoulders

Inspirations and Resources

Coming soon!

Credit: Low hands position – M: NathanielFlumen R/P: Ebi McKnotty – High hands position – M: Miss_Soffia R/P: Ebi McKnotty


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