It’s been a while but I finally got around to write some updates to the site. I decided to focus on improving the Getting Started section because it’s the most important.

I also continue to do the activities to capture them in pictures (and for fun too!). You’ll find a few new pictures in the chapters Partnership, Feet, More Knots, More Techniques, Creativity, Aesthetic and Crotch

Hope you will enjoy these improvements, let me know in the comments what you think.

Translating the website

Would you be interested in translating some of the site in another language? Rope365 exists in French and English but it would be nice to translate the Getting Started section in more languages. Contact me if interested.

Supporting the project

The easiest way to support the project is to enjoy the content and give us feedback. Enjoyed something particularly? Was an instruction unclear? Is a link no longer working? Typo in the text? Let us know in the comment! We also love to see pictures of your explorations. Check this page for more ways to support the project.

Journey update

I haven’t been writing a lot since the last update, but I’ve been tying a lot. I’ve started teaching in person again during the summer and when fall arrived, there was a sudden boost of interest for our classes. I also started tying “new” people. People I’ve known for a while but only recently became regular partners. I think I needed this time away from the computer to deeply reconnect with my craft.

It’s been a pretty big shift. Last winter/spring I was not tying anyone because of lockdown, teaching online was exhausting. I was seriously reconsidering if rope was to be my main hobby anymore. Then there was the trip to see Akechi Kanna and Kagura in Utah and Ontario. From there it was the fast track to doing rope several times a week, teaching more than ever in my local community.

I’m very happy with my new in-person class curriculum. I’ve improved my beginner class and people are faster than ever to make their own tie. Our new beginner intensive was also a major success in creating a solid foundation and having fun in the progress. Our monthly topic classes are constantly sold out and we have big upgrades planned for our advanced intensive in the Spring. Teaching in person gives a lot of feedback on how different people learn and that has an impact on how I want to build the Rope365 curriculum. Here I am wanting to change Week 1 again 😅

There are also more philosophical changes in my teaching. I’m embracing more and more my game design background to create fun ways to learn, and learn while having fun. There is also a deeper understanding of being inclusive of the person being tied in anything I teach. I’ve always believe it was important, what changed is that the line between what learning is important for the person tying and the person being tied has blurred a lot for me. There is way more knowledge that is important for both sides than I used to believe.

A lot of those realization came from my recent trips, especially attending NARIX in Montreal, and then a trip to Europe, spent a week with Pedro in Lisbon, and then attended EURIX in Berlin. Being surrounded by long time friends, new people and having these deep philosophical discussions about rope, ethic, teaching. It opens my eyes to new ideas and perspectives.

Next steps

I want to continue my focus on the beginning of Spring. Maybe bring in the new improvements from my beginner class.

There are also a couple of chapters that are more rough like the Box tie, Hog tie, and Body. I feel like I need to learn more. I’m slowly making progress at mastering Akechi Kanna’s TK but I’m not completely sure how this translate into what I put in the website as this is not something that I designed.

I might wait after another trip to Japan before getting into doing a major update of the box tie and reshooting everything. I hate the tension problems in the current pictures but I feel like wanna master this tie a bit more before going through the work of shooting and editing.

I’ll probably take a break from writing again to focus on tying. I’m at peace with the website progressing slowly but steadily.

Page count: 1060

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  • Summer: 228
  • Fall: 152
  • Winter: 181

Picture of Pixiegurly and ClosedEyesSeeing, photography by Ebi McKnotty. From our shoot for the Partnership chapter in Jamaica