The way we move the rope influences tension, it creates a direct impact on the person being tied. To improve our control, we need to step out of our comfort zone and teach our bodies to explore new ways. As we gain confidence, the process of tying becomes more graceful and fluid.

The goal of this week is to challenge our bodies to move in new ways, gain efficiency, improve tension control and tie at the speed we want when we need it!

This week builds on the concepts from Week 9 Tension and Week 10 Movement, don’t hesitate to go back to these core topics for more.

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Day 225: More Finger Hooking – In Day 2 we started looking at how to use the finger like a crochet hook to pull rope efficiently. Get deeper into that topic by comparing how to hook rope at different angles and with different amounts of bending in the finger. Build yourself some drills to hook the rope with each of your fingers.

Day 226: Tail Management – It is a common struggle for the tail of the rope to snag or get wrapped around something when it should not. Practice wrapping the body and throwing the tail of the rope where you want to go next to improve your flow of tying. As the rope gets shorter, practice keeping the rope straight so the tail slides in smoothly in small gaps.

Day 227: Fighting Gravity – Challenge yourself by tying going upward, letting go of the benefit of using gravity to hold the rope in place. Try tying a reverse tension mermaid tie going upward on a person standing up (make sure they can’t fall).

Day 228: Amplitude – Find the limit of your movements, tie with great amplitude. Exaggerate, make everything grander, bigger and observe how this impacts your flow.

Day 229: Repetition – Build yourself a few drills to repeat the most important component of rope, in the same spirit as kata in martial arts. It can be just wraps around the body, or a specific friction, or a position of the body you like.

Pick a tie and decompose it, measure how much time it takes you to tie it, now tie it again in double the time. Now tie it again in the double again. Slowing down to analyze every detail of your movement.

Day 230: Rhythm – Explore different speeds at which you can tie. Start slow and very tight, try to tie as fast as possible while keeping the rope as loose as possible. What’s the slowest you can tie? What’s the fastest you can untie? At what speed should you tie for the sexiest experience?

As your movements get smoother, you can sync them on a rhythm to create a hypnotic experience. Put some music on and follow the beat, use a metronome or the rhythm of your own breath as the tempo.

Day 231: Imaginary Ropes – Visualize the rope with your mind, the pattern, the placement, the tightness, there is no rope, just your hands, your arms, your whole body doing the movement of tying. Pick a tie, and tie it without rope, just make the movement as if it was there. Take this time to connect with each other, observe what you do differently with an imaginary rope than when there is an actual rope.

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Inspirations and Resources

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