The way we move influence tension, and creates a direct impact on the person being tied. To improve our control over our movements, we need to step out of the comfort zone and teach our bodies to explore new ways. As we gain confidence, the process of tying becomes more fluid and graceful.

The goal of this week is to challenge our bodies to move in new ways to tie with more even tension, gain efficiency and improve the overall experience of tying and being tied.

  • Day 225: Tail Management – It is a common struggle for the tail of the rope to snag or get wrapped around something when it should not. Practice wrapping the body and throwing the tail of the rope where you want to go next to improve your flow of tying.
  • Day 226: Exaggerate – Find the limit of your movements, tie with great amplitude. Make everything more grand, bigger and observe how this impact your flow.
  • Day 227: Efficiency – Tying with as few movements as possible is one of the most powerful way to have a smoother flow of tying. Tie in slow motion and analyse your movements. How many time do you switch hands? Can you pull the rope with fewer movements? Does the tie have unnecessary frictions that you could skip? Then continue to apply these at normal.
  • Day 228: Multiple Rope Handling – Try to handle more than two strands of rope at the same time. Anchor two ropes and try tying with four strands at the same time while keeping an even tension.
  • Day 229: Rhythm – As your movements get smoother, you can sync them on a rhythm to create an hypnotic experience. You can use music or a metronome to sync yourself, but you can also use your breathing as the rhythm to follow.
  • Day 230: Changing Tempo – Changing speed as you tie will allow you create a story, with calm moments and intense. Create a playlist of very varied music rhythm and use it as your guideline to change your tempo while keeping a smooth flow.
  • Day 231: Imaginary Ropes – Visualize the rope with your mind, the pattern, the placement, the tightness, there is no rope, just your hands, your arms, your whole body doing the movement of tying. Pick a tie, and tie it without rope, just make the movement as if there was a rope. Take this time to connect with each other, observe what you do differently than when there is an actual rope.


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