Below the waist, there are many ways to tie the hips and the butt. We can focus on the butt cheeks and how we shape them, and we can also explore how we bend the hips to expose the butt further.

The goal of this week is to explore different ideas around tying the tips and butts.

Day 127: Hip Harness – Create a simple structure around the waist, the hips and the upper thighs. Most hip harnesses are designed to support weight but you can also use them as a decoration panty, or as a structure to tie other parts of the body.
Day 128: Side Harness – 
Structures on the side of the hips are great anchor points for asymmetric ties. Explore asymmetric ties around the waist, hips and upper legs.
Day 129: Cover – Expand on the idea of the hip harness to create a mesh of rope that will cover the round shape of the butt. As you tie, explore if you prefer to wrap the butt gently or shape it with thigher rope.
Day 130: Spread – Focus on the butt-cheeks and use rope to spread them apart. Take special care in how it feels for the crotch to be exposed.
Day 131: Sculpt – Explore the shapes of the butt-cheeks, make them round, flat, symmetric or not.
Day 132: Booty Basket – Create a two-column tie around the waist and the tights and explore the surprisingly strong nature of this combination. Try holding on each side to move the tied person in various positions (sitting, kneeling, side, standing up). This tie is also known as Naka’s butt harness or Roughmercies’ Butt Ball.
Day 133: Butt Up – Aka momo shibari 桃縛り – Create a tie that keeps the butt up. Tie the wrists between the ankles bending forward and use the rope to tie the waist in this position.


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