As we begin our exploration of the lower body, it is interesting to look at classic structures. These can be used by themselves to restrain the body, and also serve as attachment points for other body parts to create a variety of body positions.

The goal of this week is to try a variety of lower body structures and use them to create unique ties.

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Day 134: Rope Skirt – Create a structure from the waist to the knees. Try positions where the knees are together but the ankles are pulled in different directions. Revisit the friction ideas from Day 2 and explore adding cinches to make the tie more restrictive.

Day 135: Mermaid Tie – Try different pattern structures on the legs, from the waist to the ankle. Revisit the cinch ideas from Day 6 and expand from there with different techniques and aesthetics.

Day 136: Calf Binder – Create a structure from the knees to ankles, binding the calf together.

Day 137: Leg Net – Create mesh that covers the whole leg. These can be used as stocking, or as a baseline for more restrictive ties by creating attachment points anywhere without forcing a specific position of the body.

Day 138: More Frog Ties – Let’s go back to the position of the frog tie from Week 4 and explore different variations. Try to use different techniques, or try to combine both legs in a single frog tie structure.

Inspirations and Resources

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Day 139: Crossed-Leg Tie – aka Agura Shibari 胡座縛り. Tie the legs sitting in a crossed leg position. Expand the from ideas in Day 4 and include the thighs, calves and/or feet in the tie to create a more solid and restrictive tie

Day 140: Butterfly Pose – aka bound angle pose, throne pose, cobbler’s pose, or ashiura awase shibari 足裏合わせ縛り (tie with the soles together) – In a sitting position, place the soles of the feet together and tie them in place. Explore how you can expand this tie to create a structure on the leg that will hold the position in place.


Inspirations and Resources

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