Beautiful shapes emerge out of imbalance. Pulling the wrists in different direction will pose the arms in an infinite number of combinaison. It is interesting to observe how each side is different and explore the different feelings of the different positions.

  • Day 113: Wrists to the Side – Tie the wrist together and try pulling it in different direction. Once you find a position that feels good, create a tie to keep it in place.
  • Day 114: Crossing Arms – Pull the wrists in opposite directions and create a V shape where the arms cross in front.
  • Day 115: One Arm Box Tie – Modify your favorite box tie tie to include only one arm. You can keep the wraps over both arms or keep one free.
  • Day 116: One in Front, One in the Back – Create a tie to keep an arm in front and another in the back.
  • Day 117: Riffle Tie – Aka teppo shibari 鉄砲縛り(riffle tie). The most classic of the asymmetric tie, one elbow pointing up, the other arm in a box position or with the elbow pointing down.
  • Day 118: Choking Riffle Tie – Aka self-choking teppo – Bring the elbow around the neck and tie the wrist pulling backward. Just like the regular riffle tie, the lower arm can be tied in a box position or with the elbow pointing downward.
  • Day 119: Broken Strappado – Tie the wrists together in the back, if flexibility allows, tie the forearms together as well. Then break the symmetry by pulling them on one side.

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