Creating a cinch is a technique to add solidity to a structure. The principle is to insert the rope in a gap between two columns and catch a rope on the other side. It can prevent the structure from rotating or sliding, making it harder to escape, and is great to make things tighter. It is often referred to with the Japanese term: kannuki 閂 (かんぬき).

Double Column Tie

You can transform a single column tie tied around two limbs into a double column tie by adding a cinch.

We will explore more ways to tie two columns together in week 28.

Cinched Friction

The same principle can be applied with frictions.

Mermaid tie

Tying two parallel legs is a great way to drill cinches. This is one of the many variations of the mermaid tie.

Practice Time!

Explore with cinches using the mermaid tie or something else of your creation

Self-evaluation checklist:

  • The cinch rope is flat between the two columns
  • Observe both sides of the cinch, watch as the rope bends when you tighten the cinch to make sure it’s at the right tension

Exploration ideas:

  • Play with different levels of tension: adding cinches on looser wraps, tighter wraps, Pulling harder on the cinch.
  • How much friction do you need before and after cinching to keep things solid?
  • Move around and watch if the tie slides or collapses.
  • What other limbs can you tie together with the same technique?
  • Can you tie around more than two columns and cinch multiple times?

Inspirations and Resources

Credit: Pictures –M/R: Ebi McKnotty P: AlexK7

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