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The frog tie refers to a tie that keeps a limb folded, a bend leg, or bend arm. It is an easy and fast way to create a feeling of restriction. The shapes of the limbs, the actions of different joints and muscles present different challenges. The Japanese name futomomo shibari (fat thigh tie) is often used to for the variation on the leg. The goal of this week is to explore different variations and to practice a variety of techniques in the process.

  • Day 22: Frictions – Start with a single column tie around the angle and try different frictions to create different frog tie. Spiral with wrap around, ladders with different frictions.
  • Day 23: Starting Points – Try alternate different starting point, hip, toe, feet, can you can a frog tie that doesn’t look like it has a beginning or end?
  • Day 24: Cinches – Explore with double column tie and cinches friction. What are the best strategies to cinch when there is little or no space?
  • Day 25: Diamonds – Making complex pattern on small surfaces is difficult. Try creating a diamond pattern with the open diamond technique, or drawing them with crossing hitches
  • Day 26: Chaos – Create a frog tie with no pattern, explore tying in a chaotic way, with chaotic aesthetic
  • Day 27: Chicken Wing – Create a frog tie on the bent arm, try different techniques
  • Day 28: Assembling Ties – Create more than one frog tie and assemble them. Create a teppo shibari, a tengu shibari, a bunny ear, a t-rex tie tie with two chicken wings. Try to move around with all four limbs tied.

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