Tying people to objects brings infinite possibilities. Each piece of furniture enable us to create different shapes with the body. Look around you and find objects that inspire you, chairs, table, sofas, desks, almost any piece of solid material can be a source of ideas.

  • Day 169: Sitting – Start with something simple, sit on the object and see how you can use the different parts to create an interesting pose.
  • Day 170: Bending Over – Use the object as a pivot point to create a pose than bends over it
  • Day 171: Backward – Switch around how you would usually interact with the object and use this shape as your starting point
  • Day 172: Asymmetry – Let’s go sideways and explore the object itself in an asymmetric way to create and asymmetric pose
  • Day 173: Exposed – How can you use the object to spread the legs and expose the body?
  • Day 174: Underneath – Get under the object, use its shape to force the body in a different pose.
  • Day 175: Deconstructed – Turn the object upside down or sideways and explore how this new shape can be used to create interesting poses.

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