Winter is the season to explore and try more unusual things. This is about stepping outside of the comfort zone, be prepared!

Make sure you check the getting started section first! Winter builds upon the content of SpringSummer and Fall



Week 40: Hojojutsu: Capture – Different techniques to quickly take control over your opponent
Week 41: Hojojutsu: Transport – Different techniques to transport your opponent
Week 42: Bamboo Exploration – Combine bamboos togethers to create new configurations
Week 43: Hands and Fingers – Discover many ways to bind this complex part of the anatomy
Week 44: Calves, Feet and Toes – Seven different ways to shape and torture the lower limbs
Week 45: The Head – Home of the senses, try different methods to tie the head
Week 46: The Crotch – Get some rope between the legs and explore adding different kind of stimulation
Week 47: Pushing the Body – Explore the different physical limits of the body
Week 48: Torture – Try different techniques to create high intensity experiences
Week 49: Mind – Explore combining rope with psychological play
Week 50: Predicaments – Design ties to create impossible dilemmas
Week 51: Tied Together – Explore different ways of tying more people together.
Week 52: Rope Games – Let’s throw a party to end the year sharing rope with a group of friends
Prologue – Day 366: Sharing is Caring – An extra day to reflect on our journey and how to share our passion
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