To expand our horizons we can look into other crafts, sports or communities to find inspiration. There are lots of similarities between rope bondage and other activities that involve the body. How are we using the mechanics of our body? How are people working together to push each other further? What neat trick can we steal to use in rope play?

The goal of this week is to expand our knowledge of other fields and see how we can apply these learning in our rope practice.

  • Day 253: Yoga – Look at guides of yoga poses. What are interesting shapes that the body can explore? How can we transition from one pose to another? Pick your favorites and try to tie them up.
  • Day 254: Martial Art – What are the techniques used in martial art to control your opponent? In day 52 we looked at pressure point, and day 64 was take downs. Try looking into other techniques like joint locks and find how rope can be combined with these.
  • Day 255: Fight! – Let’s look at wrestling and similar combat sport. Each tie a rope around their waist and need to use the rope to pin down their opponent.
  • Day 256: Choreography – Different disciplines establish a sequence before starting, dance, gymnastics, and many other performance art. Try creating your own tying choreography.
  • Day 257: Improvisation – Other performance art discipline rely on improvising and flow. Look at contact improv and how the teamwork in these techniques can be applied to rope.
  • Day 258: Acrobat – Circus is full of inspiring techniques. Look at hand to hand, aerial artists, or acro yoga and try to see how you can be an acrobat with rope
  • Day 259: Energy – How does one manage their energy, rest and meditate? Look at mindfulness techniques and tantra. Create a tie that connects with your energy chakra to find peace in rope.

Credit: M: LaughingDragon and Feinix R: LaughingDragon P: Ebi McKnotty

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