Controlling the elbows is a powerful way to create restriction on the upper body. Playing with the angles and position of the elbows open a lot of possibilities. Some of these positions may be difficult to sustain while others can be very comfortable. Warm-up the arms, especially the shoulders, and find out which one is your favourite.

The goal of this week is to play with different positions that involve the elbows to create restrictive ties.

Day 106: Elbows in the Back – Bring the elbows together in the back. This can be a minimal tie with the elbows bound together. An alternate way that is more sustainable is to tie the forearms together and tie them to the chest to make the elbow bend.
Day 107: Waitress Tie – A classic tie from the damsel in distress style. Bring the elbows together in the back and tie the wrists in the front.
Day 108: Elbows in Front – Tie the wrists in front, then tie each elbow to pull them toward the back to create this deceptively restricting position.
Day 109: T-Rex Tie – Feel like a dinosaur! Bend the elbows and tie them in front parallel to each other.
Day 110: Demon Tie – Also known as tengu shibari 天狗縛り. Bring the wrists to each side to create this very open position and then catch on the elbows to make it truly restrictive.
Day 111: Choking Forearms – Bring the wrists behind the neck, and tie the elbows together in front. This position forces the forearms to press on each side of the neck, creating a self-choking effect. Make sure the distance between the wrists gives enough space to the neck and be ready to untie quickly if needed.
Day 112: Vertical Strappado – Tying the arms above the head is more easily achieved when lying down or using an anchor point to pull them up. You will need to tie the elbows together to keep the arms straight. Keeping the arms above the head is a difficult position to achieve when standing up as you need to fight gravity but it can be achieved by tying the palms facing out.


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Credit: Title picture: M: Miss_Soffia, R/P: Ebi McKnotty. Elbow study M: NathanielFlumen R/P: Ebi McKnotty

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