Rope can be used to expose our intimacy so it can be observed and enjoyed. Many positions can be explored, each with their different feelings and challenges. Many of these positions can be used for sex, but that remains a choice. Make sure to discuss these poses before exploring them as they will make most people feel very vulnerable.

The goal of this week is to try a variety of positions exposing the lower body and explore how they make you feel.

Day 148: Wrists to Legs – Simplicity is the key, tie the wrists to the legs on each side and explore which movement is possible (sitting, on the back, facing down, side, etc.) Try different variations, wrists to ankles, wrist to thighs, or try trapping the wrists in a frog tie for extra restrictions.
Day 149: Crab Tie – The crab tie is a classic to keep the legs open. Tie the forearm and the calf parallel together and try different placement to see what feels best. Experiment if you prefer cinches or not with the different wraps.
Day 150: Leg to Chest – Tie one leg to the chest, this can be by attaching to a chest structure, or simply making a two-column tie around the waist and thigh. Explore what you can do with the other leg as well.
Day 151: Open Knees – Create a tie that will keep the knees open. A great way to do that is by tying knees together with the rope going in the back in between. You can also use a chest structure and attach it to the sides.
Day 152: Feet to Chest – Bring the feet to the chest to fold the body in two and expose the lower body. This can be done simply by tying the feet to the chest, or by using a structure like the “Crossed-leg pose” (Day 139) or “Butterfly pose” (Day 140).
Day 153: Tuck Position – aka Tanuki shibari (Racoon tie) – Tie the wrists behind the knees to keep the leg up and the butt exposed. Try moving to different positions (on the back, facedown, side) to see how this influences the feeling of restriction and vulnerability.
Day 154: More Hogties – We continue the exploration of hogties from Week 6. How can we push further the feelings of restriction and exposure? Create a hogtie that will maintain the legs open and explore how to tie the body in place. You can explore this position by opening each leg progressively.


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