The single column tie, the starting point of most ties, is the subject of much passion. Many different knots can be used to create that tie, that will yield results with different characteristics. If at first it is wise to pick one and master it, it can become interesting down the road to challenge our choices and maybe keep a selected few in our toolbox to adapt to different situation.

The goal of this week is to try different single column ties and compare them and identify in which context a technique would be more adapted than another.

Day 190: Square and Granny
Day 191: Cow Hitch
  • aka Lark’s head – This single column tie is made of a cow hitch followed by one or two half hitches. It is very solid and will not collapse. Unlike most single column tie, it doesn’t have a bight, which may be a good thing if we don’t want to have a piece of rope hanging for a cleaner look, but prevent us from untying from the bight or using the bight as a lever. This tie is a bit more slow as it require two full pull-through of the rope. Look at day 13 for a refresher of the cow hitch topology
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Day 192: Reversed French Bowline
Day 193: Somerville Variants
Day 194: More Bowlines
Day 195: Sliding Cuffs
Day 196: Quick Release
  • Most single column tie knots can be modified to create a quick release tie to be able to easily untie at any time. This is usually done not pulling the bight completely through and compacting the knot with the bight folded in it, but there are also other techniques. This will make the knot impossible to lock, less stable and prevent the bight from being used as a lever, but can be a savior in case of emergency.
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