Rope bondage is a lot about teamwork. The dynamic between the participants and their relationship will have a big impact on what will happen once the ropes get into play. No matter if you have been married for years, or just had your first negotiation, the ability to communicate together will make a big difference in your safety, and getting your heart’s desire. Even in self-bondage, there is a form of partnership between the different parts of ourselves.

The goal of this chapter is to develop strategies on how to communicate in different contexts, learning about our partners and ourselves by becoming more conscious about our needs.

Day 71: Words – Talk, say everything that goes in your mind, describe every feelings, every intention, every emotions. Challenge 1: let the person being tied speak! Challenge 2: the person tying is the one talking.
Day 72: Quiet – Tape your mouths!
Day 73: Emergency – Establish signals for when things go wrong (verbal, non-verbal). Make a playlist, pick a song to be the cue for a simulated emergency, play on shuffle. The emergency can be fainting, nerve injury, police showing up etc.
Day 74: Emotions – One partner makes a list of emotion. Using rope as the communication, the other has to guess the first one. Once you succeed, guess the next one on the list.
Day 75: Distance – Tie a leash. Holding the leash, one person close their eyes, the other partner moves in the room, try to follow each other by maintaining distance. Try with different distance, touching each other, make the leash progressively longer.
Day 76: Trust – Tie your partner in a way they will need your help to hold their balance. Trust them to catch you if you fall.
Day 77: Aftercare – Prepare an aftercare buffet, different kind of food and drinks, different objects (ex: stuffed bear, blanket) and list a few things you’d like to do (hugs, massage, stretching, abandonment). Get some intense rope play and then, try a bunch of things afterward to see what makes you feel better.


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