Many classic poses start sitting or kneeling. Being on the ground but still holding the balance in restriction is a challenge in itself.

The goal of this week is to explore a variety of sitting and kneeling positions and adapt them to the person being tied.

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Day 141: Kneeling – Aka Seiza 正座 – Use rope to maintain a kneeling position, keeping the feet together under the butt for extra restriction. Combine with your favourite upper body tie for a perfect position.

Day 142: Sitting Sideways – Aka Broken seiza, onehsanzuwari お姉さん座りor yokozuwari 横座りi (sideways sitting). Create a tie to hold a sitting position with the ankles on the side. An easy way to achieve this is to tie the ankle to an upper-body structure.

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Day 143: Hero Pose – Aka petanko-zuwari ぺたんこ座り (flat sitting). Tie the feet on each side in a kneeling position. This position may be difficult depending on flexibility. Sit on a block or a cushion to make it easier.

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Day 144: Windmill – Create a position with both legs bent and pointing in the same direction, forming two wings of a windmill.

Day 145: Swan – aka Pigeon pose – Add some challenge to the body by tying one leg bent in front and pulling the other one in the back as high as you can.

Day 146: More Crossed-Leg – Continue the exploration of crossed-leg from day 139 with variations of positions sitting crossed-legged such as the lotus pose and the shoelace pose.

Day 147: Twisted – Explore how you can twist the body while sitting or kneeling. We will continue our exploration of the twist with Torsions in Day 166.

Inspirations and Resources


Inspirations and Resources

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Credit: Banner, windmill, more crossed leg M: FreakyFerret R/P: Ebi McKnotty – Kneeling, sideway, hero, swan M: Miss Soffia R/P: Ebi McKnotty – Twisted M: AlexK7 R/P: Ebi McKnotty