Tying the lower and upper body together allows to create interesting restrictive positions. We can play with bending the hips at different angles to create different levels of restriction.

  • Day 134: Seiza – Kneeling, keeping the feet together under the butt. Tie the arms together in the back for a perfect position.
  • Day 135: Hero Pose – Kneeling with the feet on each sides. This position may be difficult depending on flexibility. Sit on a block or a cushion to make it easier.
  • Day 136: Bending mermaid – Force the hips, knees and ankles to bend by modifying the mermaid tie and pulling the waist and feet in.
  • Day 137: Bending hips – Sit in a bending forward position by tying the arms and the knees together
  • Day 138: Squat position – Time for a little work out with a low squat position. Tying the arms to the knees separately and the ankles together creates this classic workout.
  • Day 139: Child Pose – Kneeling and bending forward allows to tie the knees to the chest.
  • Day 140: Shrimp Tie – Aka Ebi Tie – Tie the legs in crossed leg position, then catch on a upper body harness to bring the torso forward as low as possible. This is a classic torture position as it makes breathing difficult.

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