Rope can be used to expose our intimacy so it can be observed and enjoyed. There are many positions that can be explored, each with their different feelings and challenges.

  • Day 141: Wrists to Ankles – Simplicity is the key, tie each wrist and an ankle and move in different positions.
  • Day 142: Crab Tie – For more restrictions, tie the forearm and the calf parallel together.
  • Day 143: Open Knees – Pull the knees open by tying them together with a rope that travel behind the back
  • Day 144: Legs to Harness – Using a chest structure such as a box tie or a chest harness allows for more exploration in opening the legs. Tie the ankles to the stem in the back and/or attach the knee to the sides of the structure.
  • Day 145: Tuck Position – aka Tanuki shibari (Racoon tie) – Tie the wrists behind the knees to keep the leg up and the butt exposed.
  • Day 146: Exposed Shrimp – aka Ebi Shibari – Making a crossed-leg structure and attaching it to the chest exposes the lower body in a different way
  • Day 147: Exposed Hogtie – Create a hog tie that focus on opening the legs. A chest structure can be used as the lever to pull the legs into position.

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