We complete our study of the upper body positions with a deep dive in the variations of the box tie. We’ve seen many versions in this tie in week 5, and yet there are still many more concepts to play with.

  • Day 120: Mount Fuji – A very classic pattern. Place two ropes on each side of the neck, catch them with a rope that crosses in the front.
  • Day 121: Cinching the Front – Catch the rope in front to cinch the wraps together and squeeze the chest. This can be done with several method like the V, the rope from the armpit, or starting a new rope at the waist.
  • Day 122: Diamonds – Create a mesh of diamonds over the box tie. This can be one larger diamond, or a complex pattern.
  • Day 123: Chest Wraps – Create a box tie pattern you like and replace some of the full body wraps to tie directly on the chest to relieve pressure from the arms
  • Day 124: Moving Wraps – Pull the wraps up or down to change placement, tension, and create new shapes.
  • Day 125: Asymmetry – Create an asymmetric box tie. This can be by making an asymmetric structure such as the serpentine, adding an asymmetric pattern over the tie, or moving ropes around to make them asymmetric.
  • Day 126: Choking – Modify a pattern so the rope chokes the neck. Bring the X of the Tasuki near the neck, of pull the Mount Fuji rope close to the neck.

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